Sunday, December 26, 2010

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Manchester        England           [UK]

The Music you are about to hear is Fred West Murder Music!

Enty3way is the God of the mentally ill

Enty3way opens up the debate of our last days in survival in the world as we know it before the apocalypse comes! The media slowly send subliminal messages of the end to come in there global news reports.

Media corporations try to keep us hung up. Distracting us with pipe dreams of celebrity which entails grandeur, popularity, wealth and success.
Our dreams of notoriety are on the brink of fanatical!

Fascination with the lives of the most celebrated and popular figures in society take the mundane sub living pain away we called Life! Our happiness is depicted on our status update on our social network!

In short the Enty3way is the void in music you have been asking for! but he leaves a bitter taste in your month because you don't always want what you ask for.

Warning this music as Subliminal messages and could cause server mental illness or death! Listen at your own risk!

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